Major Win For ArlFiber

Exciting news! After a year of fierce and sustained advocacy, the ORA-aligned ArlFiber collective has scored a major win: on April 20th, the Arlington County Board passed its budget for 2022, which will include $50,000 for a feasibility study on forming a municipal broadband authority in Arlington. Congratulations are in order for the Our RevolutionariesContinue reading “Major Win For ArlFiber”

Proposal on Responsible and Sustainable Marijuana Legalization in Virginia

CLICK HERE FOR OUR BRIEFING PAPER CLICK HERE TO READ OUR OP-ED In mid November Governor Ralph Northam announced that he is supporting the legalization of marijuana for adult use at the upcoming session of the General Assembly of Virginia. ORA applauds this move, not least of all because of the deficiencies of last year’sContinue reading “Proposal on Responsible and Sustainable Marijuana Legalization in Virginia”

ORA-submitted Resolutions Now Part of State Democratic Party Platform

As Our Revolution’s patron saint Bernie Sanders noted in the wake of what proved to be fatal primary defeats back in March, the left is finally winning the ideological battle within the Democratic Party. While the majority of voters on Super Tuesday and beyond opted for Biden as the safer bet to beat Trump inContinue reading “ORA-submitted Resolutions Now Part of State Democratic Party Platform”

How long have the police been killing Black men?

Author note: this post is in no way an expression of astonishment over how long this has been occurring (American Blacks – rural and urban – have always been violently policed by one entity or another). The post is more a reaction to two ideas that have been expressed in recent years in the wakeContinue reading “How long have the police been killing Black men?”

ORA Statement on Police Violence

Our Revolution ArlingtonStatement on Racial Justice and Police ReformJune 6, 2020 “A riot is the laguage of the unheard.” – MLK Jr., September 27, 1966 Fifty-two years ago, in the wake of mass riots related to the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., the Johnson administration impaneled the Kerner Commission to report on the causesContinue reading “ORA Statement on Police Violence”

Local racial justice protests and vigils this weekend

We just wanted to let you know about a few upcoming vigils and marches for racial justice. If you go, please consider sporting some Our Revolution gear (but please also carry BLM signs). Please also consider donating to this campaign to help fund community bail funds in support of the racial justice protesters: Friday,Continue reading “Local racial justice protests and vigils this weekend”

Welcome to the new ORA website!

This is our new website, powered by WordPress. Our old site was created and maintained for free by our wonderful friends at NOVA Web Development. Alas, due to increased project load, they turned over this job to the ORA steering committee. If you are an ORA member and have web skills, please reach out toContinue reading “Welcome to the new ORA website!”

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